Meet Our Brothers

Br Paul
Br. Paul Graupmann
Third Year Theology

Born and raised in South Dakota, Br. Paul met Christ and discovered his call to the priesthood while serving in the Navy. A FOCUS retreat introduced him to the Franciscan Friars of the Holy Spirit.

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Br Lawrence
Br. Lawrence Hogue
Second Year Theology

Br. Lawrence has been around Franciscans since a very young age. These friars of the Third Order Regular were very influential in his early formation. Despite this, he still had and off-and-on relationship with the Lord. It wasn't until an encounter in college that he began taking his relationship with the Lord more seriously, and wonder if the Lord was calling him to something more.

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Br Andre
Br. Andre Beale
Masters of Arts and Philosophy Studies

I was born and raised in Glendale, Arizona. I grew up in a devout Catholic family and have three brothers. My main passion was sports and I had dreams of playing college and professional basketball. I stopped going to church altogether and entered deep within the vice-filled hedonistic party culture. I was basically homeless and got involved in more drugs and was dealing drugs as well. By the grace of God and especially our Blessed Mother Mary I received a miracle of grace almost 10 years ago.

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Br Basil
Br. Basil Kersting
Second Year Philosophy

Raised in a devoted Catholic family, Br. Basil received a strong Catholic education giving him a solid foundation for his faith. God's love broke into his life and heart in a deeper and more personal way, at a prayer group led by the Friars in the summer of 2016. In response to this great gift, he wanted to spend his life sharing the love of God with others. After finishing college and working for two years, Br. Basil discerned more intentionally with the Friars with a desire to answer the call to priesthood.

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Br Damien
Br. Damien Van Amerongen
First Year Philosophy

A cradle Catholic, born and raised in Texas, Br. Damien found himself mostly just going through the motions in his life of faith as he prepared to enter college. Through God's grace, and a powerful experience of the sacraments while studying at Texas A&M University, he began to discern a calling to the priesthood and religious life.

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