Fourth Sunday of Lent: John 9:1-41

03-22-2020Pondering the WordFr. Alcuin Hurl, FHS

We are all the man born blind. Adam and Eve's decision to not walk on God's path for their life darkened their minds and twisted their hearts. We inherited our first parent's twisted darkness and we need the light. The Gospels tells us this Sunday that Jesus is the light. How do we get enlightened by Jesus and what happens when we do? The story of the man born blind answers these questions.

In the opening scene we see the darkness of the minds of the disciples who blindly assume that God cursed this man with blindness from birth due to either his sins or the sins of his parents. While they certainly have Psalm 103:8 memorized (The Lord is merciful and gracious, slow to anger and abounding in steadfast love…) they still have a servile fear of God as an arbitrary and angry Father who is out to get his kids if they don't read his mind and follow his rules perfectly. It is as if they think God is an alcoholic!